Biometric Gun Safes

As a replacement for the visually appealing yet vulnerable gun racks and cabinets, gun safes are designed to allow access only for the key-bearing owners. Some gun safes have been designed to resemble their earlier counterparts with a key difference: Biometric fingerprinting. Instead of using a key or combination to unlock the safe and gain access to the guns, a fingerprint lock is used. Individual fingerprints are scanned and stored by a sensor. A biometric gun safe deters thieves and is an excellent way to keep curious children away.

Fingerprint identification is not just for criminal investigation. Our individual fingerprints are rarer than our personalities. As each person has their own unique ridges and valleys on each finger, this makes fingerprints a method of identification that is nearly impossible to duplicate. Even identical twins have different fingerprints. There are many gun safes on the market that offer added protection of biometric fingerprint identification. These may be light and portable or they may be the larger variety, heavy and reliable. They tend to be paired with either a code for added security or a backup key in case of battery failure. Many biometric gun safes have tamper indicators that block access after a number of invalid attempts.

Keeping guns and ammunition secure should be a top priority for all gun owners. One way to ensure this is with a reliable method of storage. The storage system does not have to be stationary. Many portable safe boxes allow easy transport of guns and ammunition. There are a variety of biometric gun safes, so choosing the right one may take a little research. They can be secured by a key, a code, or your own unique set of fingerprints. A code based lock can be useful if you are prone to losing keys but it is common to use a code that is easy to remember and therefore easy to guess. Keys tend to be unique but are easy to misplace or be left out where children may find them and get a bit curious. A combination of fingerprints and codes, or keys allows for maximum security.

With a fingerprint safe box you don’t have to forgo the compact, portable benefits of the standard safe boxes with the added benefit of top notch security. Many of these safe boxes also require a password along with the correct fingerprint. Gun safe boxes are also built with preservation in mind. The interior padding helps protect against scratches, dust and debris. Complete home safety can be found with larger safe models that can also be used for storing guns and ammunition. Jewelry and other valuables can also find a home and provide peace of mind. Be aware that though safes run on batteries, a backup key is often available.

Full sized safes can be a great place to store gun safe boxes as an additional precaution. As with any purchase, biometric gun safes have a range of function and reliability available. Be sure to read reviews and specifications of fingerprint safes and gun safe boxes. Manufactures also take these reviews into account, so purchasing the latest model is often the best bet and often less prone to error than older models.