DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting dates back to 1985 when it was first developed by Sir Alec Jeffreys in England. It is considered the greatest achievement in forensic science since the development of fingerprint identification. Fingerprinting.com answers the question: What is DNA Fingerprinting?. DNA fingerprinting has been highly successful in the identification of criminal suspects, the resolution of paternity issues, and the identification of human remains. The use of DNA as evidence in a criminal court case became familiar to the masses with the 1995 O. J. Simpson trial. Read more about DNA Fingerprint Identification including its use as criminal evidence in court cases.

Since the discovery of DNA fingerprinting in 1985, there has been tremendous progress made in the methodology of comparing DNA samples. Continue on to read more about the main types of DNA Fingerprinting Methods used in forensic science: RFLP, PCR, AmpFLP, and STR.

Aside from the above articles, you can also read more about DNA testing for ethnicity, ancestry, and immigration at DNA Test.