Fingerprint Art

DNA 11 Fingerprint Art
The personal identification applications which continued to evolve through the 20th Century and into the 21st Century have served and met many societal needs over that inclusive period of time. Fingerprinting has remained in the forefront as a means of ensuring accurate identification and authorization of an individual, since no one has fingerprints identical to another person. Such attestations of personal identification have saved many lives through the identification of recidivistic criminals, and the ability to identify an individual through fingerprinting serves as a deterrent for future crimes. Fingerprinting has allowed businesses to improve their operating procedures while making better use employee resources and managerial oversight.

Now, the technology of the 21st Century has collaborated with the unique and special talents of a number of gifted artists in order to produce unique articles of jewelry and works of art. The concept is to take an individual's fingerprint and use it in order to construct a unique piece of jewelry and/or art.

The procedure is simple and the results are enthralling, and each work of art is custom made, individualized, and unique. One such studio is called DNA 11, and it was founded by Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed who had the vision and passion to transform the unique characteristics of the DNA or fingerprint of an individual into an exceptional piece of art. A person interested in having a portrait of their biological oneness can simply order the DNA 11 collection kit or a FingerPrint collection kit. The FingerPrint kit contains a fingerprint collection card, ink strips, and step-by-step-instructions to assist you in the collection process. You would then return the kit to the DNA 11 art studio for processing. Upon scanning, the image is traced in a separate program and magnified 4000% to create a piece of art work

Each print is fashioned on an individually printed artist's cotton canvas with the highest of quality ink pigmentation. The color choices are as follows: charcoal; clay; kiwi; lime; mango; mist; raspberry; redstripe; redtide; sand; soil; whitestripe; wood; and zebra.

If a person has ordered a DNA kit, the transaction is a secured one between DNA11 and the individual. When the kit is returned to DNA 11, it is sent to a secure and certified laboratory where the DNA is extracted and, ultimately, the DNA fingerprint is created. The concept is based on the scientific truth that each person has a unique DNA composition that can be extracted using a special high resolution scanner. The DNA prints are printed on canvas or on watercolor paper using pigment based inks. The buyer gets to choose a specific theme such as sunset, citylights, or Bronzage. A two person portrait is also available.

What better legacy can a person leave as a testament to his or her oneness and singularity than through a portrait of the DNA or fingerprint characteristics that made that individual so special? Custom made fingerprint and thumbprint jewelry are also available for purchase online. The pieces include tie tacs, charms, pendants, brooches, and key chains. This jewelry can be made from a mold impression from a kit or from a fingerprint identification card. DNA jewelry made from continuous intertwining strings of beads that represent the unique beauty of the DNA molecule is also a popular item. There are no boundaries to the biometric applications of our own personal identification found in our DNA and fingerprints, and the remainder of the 21st Century will challenge the arts and sciences to meet our needs and expectations through knowledge, acumen and innovation.